StitchMeGifts Updated look & New Server

telephone box cross stitch pink

Over the last few weeks we have been collecting your feedback on how our cross stitch website and services work for you and the problems you have encountered.

That research has lead to a number of significant changes to StitchMeGifts:

  • New servers located closer to our customers around the world
  • Improved handling of checkout pages (no more loading spinner of doom)
  • Vastly improved page load prioritization (Site loads faster across a wider range of devices from desktop to mobile)
  • UX improvements to make it easier for customers to understand how the checkout process works.

You will also of seen over the last week a new art style we have been testing, the response across social media has been fantastic.

Expect to see a wider roll out of our new artwork over the next few weeks.

As a thank-you to all those who took the time to provide feedback we have applied 30 days all inclusive access to our entire cross stitch pattern range to your accounts, enjoy!

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