Spooky Halloween cross stitch patterns by StitchMeGifts

Purple Witch cross stitch pattern

If you’re looking for Halloween cross stitch patterns then don’t run away screaming, stick around and let us show you a selection from our range.

It might only come round once a year, on October 31, but Halloween is a favorite time of the year with everyone dressing up and either holding parties or going trick or treating – maybe both!

We’ve got a really good selection of cross stitch patterns for this scary time of the year so there’s something for everyone, whether you just want to send a Halloween card or want to make a party invitation.

Halloween Witch on a broom Cross Stitch patternOur Witch on a Broomstick is a real fright with the bat perched on the back of her broomstick. With her green face she looks as though she’s already drunk a potion or two too many!

Then there’s the Halloween cross stitch spider who comes accompanied by three creepy-crawlie friends. Not sure how many legs they have between them, we haven’t stayed around long enough to find out.

The Witch Halloween cross stitch pattern features our popular witch with a large purple hat adorned with spiders. She doesn’t seem to be too frightened by them though.

Cats are always popular and ours comes complete with his own broomstick, bat bow tie and the obligatory spiders.

No Halloween is complete without Jack O’Lantern Cross Stitch and his pumpkins.

Jack O'Lantern cross stitch patternHalloween is a time of year that is marked around the world, not just in the UK and US. It’s the night when the dead are supposed to go walkabout, hence the term Fright Night as it’s often called.

Zombies, witches and goblins will be out in force as soon as it gets dark, along with fairies and demons.

It was the idea of the Celts who divided their year into four quarters. November 1 marked the day when they believed it was the beginning of winter and they celebrated with a pagan festival called Samhain when ghosts of the dead were able to pierce the thin veil between life and death and appear to the living.

In the days long before people had computers and television sets, stories were passed down from father to son, mother to daughter and they grew more fantastic with the telling.

Black cats were associated with witches and in many European countries black cats are considered unlucky, although in the UK it’s believed to be lucky if a black cat crosses your path.

Halloween spider cross stitch patternThese days, people like to dress up in ghost themed costumes, cut faces into pumpkins and carry out old traditions like bobbing for apples in buckets or old beer barrels. They hold Halloween themed parties or go out on Fright Night, visiting friends, neighbours and relatives and asking if they want a “trick or treat”?

It’s wise to opt for a treat and many people make up small parcels of sweets or biscuits to offer the young people at the door. The children usually bring something similar with them to exchange.

The Celtic view of the supernatural Halloween on October 31 was eventually superseded by the Christian church introduction of All Saints Day on November 1. But, luckily for everyone who enjoys a party, plenty of people still believe in Halloween!


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