Skipping Girl Cross Stitch Pattern

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Skipping all day, our lovely Skipping Girl cross stitch pattern is ready to stitch.


Here’s a Skipping Girl Cross Stitch Pattern which would be ideal to cross stitch for a birthday card for a young lady in your life.

Our auburn-haired little girl is dressed in a shaded pink top with snazzy blue leggings and she’s ready to go for some fun with her skipping rope.

Designed to be made on 16 count Aida, your order will include a cross stitch color block pattern as well as one with black and white symbols. The figure is outlined in black backstitch which also makes the skipping rope. You can download it instantly as a PDF.

All about Skipping Girls

Skipping has been popular for centuries, both in the schoolyard and at home. There are lots of skipping rhymes that have evolved down the years too. If you have a long rope with someone holding each end you can use rhymes which have people jumping in and out. If you catch your foot in the rope then you’re ‘out’ and it’s your turn to hold one end of the rope.

One of our favorites is The Farmer’s in his Den and it goes like this:

The farmer’s in his den, the farmer’s in his den, eeh eye addy oh, the farmer’s in his den. The farmer wants a wife, the wife wants a child, the child wants a cat, the cat wants a mouse, the mouse wants a flea, the flea wants a dog, the dog wants a bone etc etc. It’s great fun and each time a new phrase starts a new child jumps in.

You can buy small individual skipping ropes with gaily painted handles from any toy shop and a longer piece of rope from a DIY or hardware shop. Sports shops sell them as well.

If you really want to make things difficult for people who reckon they are good skippers, then try using two long ropes and have them go in opposing directions. It’s OK if you time the jump right but if not, you end up in a tangled mess.

Skipping is also good exercise if you’re trying to tone up or lose a little weight. It’s an exercise that can literally be done anywhere where you have room to stand. Just be careful about doing it indoors though, you wouldn’t want to catch a light fitting and bring the ceiling down on top of you!

If you’re very fit and good at it you might be able to do a double jump – whizz the rope around very fast twice but with only one jump.





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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Claire Summers

    Looks like me when I was a girl.

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