Quick stitch Pumpkin Cross Stitch pattern


Stitch this quick stitch Pumpkin cross stitch pattern, perfect for Halloween.


Halloween comes round every year, without fail, and our  Quick stitch Pumpkin Cross Stitch pattern is ideal for all sorts of uses.

Top of the pops for a party invitation, the Quick stitch Pumpkin Cross Stitch pattern is created on 16 count white Aida and measures just 20 x 20 stitches with three colors, two shades of orange and then green for the stalk.

If younger members of the family are going out trick or treating (with grown-ups for safety!) then they could make this design into little pumpkin cards and hand them out in an exchange of gifts with a householder.

What a great way to get youngsters, boys and girls, into stitching as a craft than by making their own little Halloween calling card! If 16 count Aida is too small for little fingers to manage then you could get them to sew on 14 or even 11 count Aida, that would make the job a lot more simple.

The Quick stitch Pumpkin Cross Stitch pattern is ideal if you’ve left those party invitations to the last moment, but if you have more time to spare, take a look at our Halloween section which is full of fun to stitch and impressive designs.

Lots of other designs apart from the Quick stitch Pumpkin Cross Stitch pattern

One of our favorites is the Haunted House cross stitch pattern, featuring a spooky house with ghosts at the windows, a cute black cat and spiders dangling from the roof. There are even a couple of bats silhouetted against the moon for good measure!

We also love the Halloween cross stitch cat pattern where the grey cat is sitting on a broomstick and is wearing a natty purple witch’s hat while a couple of jolly spiders are hanging from it.

Whatever you decide to stitch, we hope you’ll enjoy our Quick stitch Pumpkin Cross Stitch pattern. Do send us a picture if you make it.




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