Quick stitch Heart Cross Stitch pattern


A perfect quick stitch Heart cross stitch pattern. Loved ones will adore this little heart.


Show someone how much you love them with this lovely little Quick stitch Heart Cross Stitch pattern.

There are just three colors, shades of pink and a single thread of black DMC to outline the hearts in this design which measures 20 x 20 stitches.

Who would you like to make this Quick stitch Heart Cross Stitch pattern for? It could be for your parents, a loved one, a friend, or perhaps a relative you don’t see very often. You could even stitch it for someone who has two family pets!

If you’re short of time then our quick stitch designs are just for you. Because they are only 20 x 20 stitches you can easily make them in an afternoon. You could actually make several in an afternoon if you have all the right color threads in your sewing box.

Don’t be afraid to experiment either. If you prefer to make the design in yellow or perhaps blue then you could do that. It’s only necessary to have a darker and lighter shade. You could also stitch the small pink hearts in different colors too.

The Quick stitch Heart Cross Stitch pattern is just one of our Love designs

The Quick stitch Heart Cross Stitch pattern is just one of the designs our talented team has come up with. Many others will take a little longer to stitch but once you’ve completed this small picture then you should be able to tackle many others without much bother.

Try our Valentine’s section which has lots of attractive designs from  a single red rose to a Love Bunny and a bride and groom standing in front of a heart. That would be ideal for a card to wish someone happiness in their new life together.

Our blackwork section also has lots of Valentine and love designs which aren’t just stitched in black, they are striking because they are in many different colors.



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