Quick Butterfly Cross Stitch Pattern


Come and stitch this small and quick Butterfly Cross Stitch Pattern.


This Quick Butterfly Cross Stitch pattern has been created by our young designer specifically in response to requests for projects which are quick and easy to make.

Designed to be made on 16 count white Aida, the Quick Butterfly Cross Stitch pattern has just 20×20 stitches, and five colors so it’s the sort of thing you could make in an evening, or between more complicated projects.

The body of the caterpillar is grey and it has black antenna which are easily created in a single thread of black DMC. The wings are in shades of purple and then the whole design is outlined in a single black thread.

You could make the Quick Butterfly Cross Stitch pattern for any number of occasions, everything from a birthday card to a logo to stitch on a child’s sweater or you could create a series of them and give them as gifts to friends and family.

Change the colors on the Quick Butterfly Cross Stitch pattern to suit the color scheme of your room and if you felt really adventurous you could stitch the whole design in holographic thread to give a luxurious touch to the finished needlework.

Experiment on your Quick Butterfly Cross Stitch pattern with different threads

If you decide to do that, we advise that you use a good quality holographic thread, such as that made by Gutermann. These threads are made in Japan and the quality does show. It’s best to use a product like Thread Heaven, a silicone type of white material so that you can knot the thread at the end and then draw it across the Thread Heaven.

This makes the threads slightly static so that they don’t stick together. We prefer to use two threads when using holographic or glitter thread, but you can experiment to see what suits you best. Whatever you decide to do, we are sure you will have fun stitching the Quick Butterfly Cross Stitch pattern.


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