Pink Flower Cross Stitch pattern


This lovely Pink Flower Cross Stitch pattern is ready to download and stitch right now.


This super little Pink Flower Cross Stitch pattern is quick and easy to stitch, and it’s fun too. You should be able to make it in just a couple of evenings.

It’s stitched on 16 count white Aida and uses seven shades of green, pink and yellow. It measures 70 x 60 stitches.

There are a few half stitches in the Pink Flower Cross Stitch pattern, but if you’re a less experienced stitcher just take it slowly and you’ll manage fine.

You could buy a small wooden hoop to turn the Pink Flower Cross Stitch pattern into a picture for your loved one to keep, or you could get an aperture card from your local hobby or craft shop and use double sided tape to mount it inside the three-fold card.

Alternatively, if you don’t have much time but still want a lovely finish, you could snip the design out as a square and then carefully remove some of the long threads to make an attractive frayed edge. Then just use a hobby glue suitable for material, or double sided tape to stick it onto the front of a colored card.

The design is small enough that you could also stick it onto stiff card and use it as a gift tag.

Enjoy stitching the Pink Flower Cross Stitch pattern

The Pink Flower Cross Stitch pattern is one of those designs that you can make over and over again, in different colors perhaps to suit the seasons so lovely yellow petals would give a spring or Easter effect while golden tones of orange or peach would be ideal for an autumn card.

Whatever you decide to do, whoever receives your hand made Pink Flower Cross Stitch pattern will be thrilled with it. Do take a look at some of our other floral designs if you enjoy making this one.




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