Oval Crosses Blackwork pattern


Our latest Oval Crosses Blackwork Pattern is an easy starter cross stitch ideal for those just getting into the hobby.


Our Oval Crosses Blackwork pattern is fast becoming one of our favourites.

Created on 16 count white Aida, it has just two colors, blue and red, and is a dinky 30 x 40 stitches. It’s very easy, you’ll be able to see the pattern unfold as you create more of it.

Bearing in mind its size and oval shape, our Oval Crosses Blackwork pattern would make a really different Easter gift for a friend or relative. You don’t have to use the colors we’ve suggested either, you could use a single strand of any color you already have.

This is another of our beginner range of blackwork designs but we think you’ll love stitching it even if you’re a very experienced stitcher. If you’re new to blackwork then find the centre of the material and start stitching there to make sure you have an even amount of fabric left all the way round the design to make it easy to use a tri-fold card to finish it off.

Just be careful not to pull the thread too tightly, it might help if you use a product like Thread Heaven which comes in a small blue plastic box. You run the thread across the white waxy substance and then run the thread gently through your fingers so that the static keeps the thread from sticking.

Download our Oval Crosses Blackwork pattern to make a start straight away

Like all our designs, the Oval Crosses Blackwork pattern can be downloaded straight from the internet so there’s no waiting around for it to be delivered.

We have a large range of other blackwork designs and if you find one you like, just go for it. They’re nearly all much easier than you think and they look fantastic when finished and either put into a card or into a small frame with non-reflective glass.


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