Easter Chick Cross Stitch Pattern

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This cute Easter Chick cross stitch pattern is fun to make with Easter eggs in many colors.


Our lovely Easter Chick cross stitch pattern is fun to make as it contains so many lovely colors.

Created on 16 count Aida, our Easter Chick cross stitch pattern has 20 colors, and the finished design is 3.1 x 3.1 inches so ideal to put into an aperture card which you can buy from your local craft shop and which gives a professional look to your hard work.

Our Easter chick cross stitch is lovely to make and will be a welcome Spring gift. Our chick, in shades of yellow, is sitting in the coop, you can see the sky and green grass behind her. The eggs are in striking colors of yellow and green stripes, green, pink and yellow spots and blue and pink zigzags and spots.

Easter chicks were used in pagan times because they signified fertility and new life and eventually Christians used the tradition to symbolise the resurrection.

Easter eggs, also called Paschal eggs, had religious significance as they were not eaten during Lent and were boiled to preserve them. Traditionally eggs were painted red and green and then decoration evolved to include other colours but the Ukrainians decorated eggs in pre-Christian times and there are some beautiful examples of this art form, called pysanky, on the internet if you’d like to know more about it.


The custom of giving eggs as gifts at Easter celebrates new life as Christians believe that Jesus rose from the dead so eggs reminded people that life could overcome death.

Giving children chocolate eggs is a relatively new tradition but one which is popular with adults too! In the past eggs have been carved from wood or made from sugar or marzipan. In the western world they are usually eaten on Easter Sunday and symbolise the ending of Lent, a time when Christians give up something they enjoy.

They often have a surprise inside them too. Often Easter eggs conceal packets of other sweets or goodies.

In recent times, children have enjoyed Easter egg hunts, led by the Easter bunny, particularly in the UK, while in the US, rolling coloured eggs down a hill is a lot of fun.

In Russia, the court jeweller, Faberge, created exquisite jewelled eggs, decorated with diamonds and gold, for Tsars Alexander III and Nicholas II. Each year they became more and more elaborate and increasingly costly. Some of those creations are now owned by the British royal family while others are in museums or in private collections.

We hope you have fun making our Easter Chick cross stitch design.


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