Cross My Heart Blackwork Cross Stitch pattern


Our latest Cross my Heart Blackwork cross stitch pattern is ready to download now


Our Cross My Heart Blackwork Cross Stitch pattern is an intricate design of pink hearts with squares in a blue jewel thread.

Worked on 16 count white Aida, with two colors of DMC thread, this is a very economical design to make, because you’re only using a single thread of each color in the design, which measures just 70 x 70 stitches.

Our Cross My Heart Blackwork Cross Stitch pattern is very easy to follow from your computer, or you can print out the design if that’s easier for you. Many printers and scanners allow you to enlarge sections of designs so you could do that if it helps.

This is actually a really easy design to stitch because, as with all blackwork patterns, it’s created using small straight stitches so if you set aside a quiet time to concentrate without interruptions, you’ll be able to stitch it without any problem.

Blackwork designs, which are not necessarily black, can be stitched in any colors so if pink and blue don’t suit the decor of the room you will be making it for, change them for any other colors. This design would also look good on a wall if you create several from the same pattern.

You could also experiment with glitter threads like those from Gutermann. They give needlework a real sparkle, especially when artificial light falls on it.

The Cross My Heart Blackwork Cross Stitch pattern looks fab in different colors

The Cross My Heart Blackwork Cross Stitch pattern is just one of our popular blackwork designs so why not take a look at the others if you enjoy making this one.

One of the most intricate is our Diamond Vortex Pattern.  It looks difficult but the pattern is repetitive so in practice it’s not too difficult at all.

We are adding new patterns to our website all the time so please keep checking back.




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