Christmas Doorway Cross Stitch pattern


Our stunning Christmas Doorway Cross Stitch pattern will be a wow with your family and friends this holiday.


Our Christmas Doorway Cross Stitch pattern is sure to be a favourite for years to come.

One of the best things about this design is that it can be personalised for friends and family. If they have a particular color front door, no problem, you can just change the color on the door!

In the same way, you can change the number on the Christmas Doorway Cross Stitch pattern from 25 to whatever number their house happens to be!

The Christmas Doorway Cross Stitch pattern has been designed on 16 count white Aida and it measures 60 x 70 stitches so it shouldn’t take too long to make. There are 18 colors in this design, several shades of brown and green and the gift wrapped parcel is in shades of blue and red with a natty green bow. The step is in two tones of grey.

Our Christmas tree is in a red pot and has gaily twinkling red lights which you could stitch in holographic thread so that they shine in artificial light.

This would be an ideal picture to put into an aperture card, it will look very impressive on a mantlepiece and, hopefully, the person who receives it will keep it to display year after year.

Do email us a picture if you make The Christmas Doorway Cross Stitch pattern

We love getting feedback on our designs so if you stitch The Christmas Doorway Cross Stitch pattern, please do email us a picture of it so that we can share it with other stitchers on our website.

If you enjoy making The Christmas Doorway Cross Stitch pattern do take a look at other festive designs on our website. One of our favourites is the Night before Christmas design which you might want to tackle if you have more experience, or if you have the patience to take time over it if you are a less experienced stitcher.



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