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Fairy on a Mushroom cross stitch pattern

Fairies have held children’s imagination for generations, from Hans Christian Andersen’s tales retold down the centuries to the more modern 20th century story of the Cottingley Fairies. We’ve designed many cross stitch fairy pictures ranging from a Fairy Castle to a Fairy Windmill and the lovely little Fairy herself. We think you’ll love stitching them.

All on 16-count Aida they come as downloads with color and black and white symbol blocks.

These designs would be lovely to stitch for a favorite friend, daughter or cousin and you could either make them into birthday cards or send them out as party invitations if you use aperture cards which you can get from any craft or stationery shop.

fairy-Cross-Stitch-PatternFairies in olden days were often accompanied by other weird and wonderful characters like elves, goblins and pixies. While fairies would fly about with glittering wings and scatter golden fairy dust to grant wishes, elves and goblins were usually up to no good. Pixies were mischief makers too with their little pointed chins and pointed hats. Depending on where you live pixies might be known by a different name. In Ireland they have morphed into leprechauns.

The Cottingley Fairies really intrigued and mystified a lot of people, including experts. They were photographed in 1917 at the bottom of a garden in Cottingley, West Yorkshire, by young cousins Frances Griffiths and Elsie Wright. They borrowed a camera from Elsie’s father which exposed pictures onto a plate. There were no digital cameras in those days!

Their families were astounded when the girls revealed what they had snapped. They weren’t very pleased either! Elsie’s father thought she had made the fairies out of cardboard. The girls had another go at convincing their families and produced a picture of Elsie sitting with a gnome.

Fairy on a Mushroom cross stitch patternMany experts had a go at authenticating the photographs, or trying to prove that they were not genuine, but the mystery remained until 1966 when the girls said that the photographs had been faked although both insisted they really had seen fairies. Whatever the truth, the girls put Cottingley on the map for decades!

And who says there is no such thing as fairies? We’ve all seen those lovely green patches of grass with a lighter circle of mushrooms surrounding it. We were always told those were fairy circles and that fairies came out to play and dance in them at night. If nobody’s ever seen them that’s just because it’s dark at night in the countryside.

There are five different types of fairy in Ireland, one of which is a banshee, an ancestral spirit which wails and predicts a death in some Irish families. Another fairy spirit is the Dullahan,  which is seen in the remoter areas of Donegal and Sligo. If you live in Co.Down you might see the Pooka, a small goblin which wants a share of the harvest after it has been gathered in. Superstitious reapers would leave small sheaves for the Pooka, in the hope he would be satisfied and not come after them looking for more.

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