Fast and Secure our new website infrastructure is now in place

As some of you will know we have been on a bit of a mission here to give you the best experience possible across desktop and mobile. We want our complex and beautiful website to load snappily no matter where you are in the world or what device you are using.

We have switched to HTTPS/2 a more secure and faster implementation of the padlock you know and trust. Another big addition to the site is improved caching support this means faster page loads and less stress on our servers, allowing more customers to access the site without slow downs at peak times, in testing 10x more users for the same server specification.

Why do we do this after all we are ‘just’ a cross stitch website?

We believe in treating you seriously, you should have the best experience possible. A beautiful modern website, that works well on mobile and desktop. That loads quickly so as not to waste your time all the while offering you exclusive patterns you cant get anywhere else.

That’s our mission!



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