British Cross Stitch Patterns

British Union Flag cross stitch pattern

We celebrate all things British cross stitch with our selection of unique patterns. Whether you live in the UK, are an ex-pat abroad or simply someone who loves Great Britain, we hope you’ll enjoy stitching our creations.

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British Union Flag

british-union-flag-Cross-Stitch-PatternThere is one thing missing from the British Union Flag cross stitch but do you know what it is? The United Kingdom is actually four countries, England, Scotland, Ulster (or Northern Ireland) and Wales.

But not all the countries are represented on the Union Flag. The red cross of St George is there on the white background for England. You’ll be familiar with that if you’ve watched national football or rugby matches.

Then there’s the saltire or flag of St Andrew which is the diagonal white cross on a dark blue background. St Patrick’s flag for Ulster is represented by the diagonal red cross on a white background.

But there is no representation for the Welsh patron saint, David.

The Welsh flag is actually a red dragon on a green and white background. Maybe it was just too difficult to see how that would add to the flag?

We hope you enjoy stitching the Union Flag, just make sure when you frame it that you get it the right way up. If you hang it upside down then you’re sending an SOS signal!

British Police Box

Police Box cross stitch patternIf you’re a Doctor Who fan then you’ll love our detailed British police box cross stitch pattern.

In the days before mobile telephones and personal radios, police out on the beat needed a way to communicate with their station and so these navy blue boxes were once a common sight on UK streets.

The police box had a phone in a compartment on the outside so that the officer could phone in directly to his station. Inside they were quite basic, with a desk and stool, but gave an officer somewhere to take a break and eat his sandwiches without wasting time trekking back to the police station.

We think our Police Box, inspired by Doctor Who, captures the essence of the rural British bobby with its gas light and apple tree.

British Telephone Box

British-telephone-boxThe red telephone box was such a feature of British life for decades that it was instantly recognisable as an icon and we simply had to include it in our celebration of all things British.

For generations, people relied on the red box because few people had telephones at home, and mobile phones are a relatively recent invention. So when we were thinking about aspects of British life for our cross stitch patterns, Sir Giles Gilbert Scott’s phone box design was right up there at the top of our list.

Our British telephone box cross stitch pattern includes other icons of British life, like an apple tree and the Union Flag, which is recognisable all over the world.

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